Coding Projects

ONA Networking Flask App

This is a Flask and JavaScript web app for people to find others at the Online News Association's annual conference, as ONA doesn’t publish a list of attendees. This gave an opportunity for people to reach out via Twitter both during and after the conference to work together on projects.

Data Analysis and Storytelling Through Mapping

The idea start with me thinking 'let's throw all hospitals in the US on a map to see what happens.' Turns out there are huge swaths of the country where the nearest hospital is up to 104 miles away. The data on hospitals came from CMS, and I converted the addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates using a Python library. From there, I imported that to ArcGIS, put 30 miles buffers around each hospital and dissolved and clipped the map. I then calculated the area of the area on the buffered tile and exported the map for the story. My colleague Ciara Frisbie helped me interview sources living in these areas.

Longform Article

This long-form template, coded in about a week and a half, highlights the work done by a team of reporters covering Donald Trump's inauguration and the subsequent protests. Also collected data to build a map of women's march locations. Uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Tableau and a Bootstrap template.

Flask App

My filterable Flask app lets users explore Florida's death row and the 371 inmates on it. I scraped the name, age, time on death row, crime committed and other demographic data from Florida's Department of Corrections to an Excel file and converted it to a python dict. Uses Flask, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, BeautifulSoup.

College Quiz

By filling out a quiz, users are shows the Florida 4-year colleges that best match their needs. Uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a Bootstrap Template.

Is This True Twitter Bot

Partner Andrew Briz and I made a Twitter bot that if someone tags in a reply to a link on Twitter will take the words in the headline, run them through PolitiFact and see if anything that's a close enough match comes up. If so, it will reply to the Tweeter with the link. This is a project we hope to expand further with Snopes and eventually machine learning.


Database that collects users messages and applies a time stamp. Shouts and information are added to a database. Uses PHP, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.


Still working out a few kinks on this one to be able to edit the database, but this is a SQL database that lets the user view data. In this case, it also lets the user add data. This works well if you're trying to collect information. Uses SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.